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Lent and Letting Go

Where do we find new life - or new dimensions to life - in the process of letting go? Join us as we explore & discuss experiences and practices of letting go for life.

Join us from 9:45am - 10:40am in Room M-110

3/10 - Letting Go of Fixed Ideas about the Way Life Should Be. When it isn't working out as it was "supposed to..." can we imagine letting go of "the plan"? with Rev'd Caroline Magee

3/17 - Letting Go with Kindness to Self and Others: Renunciation Meditation. Experienced mindfulness teacher and counselor Dana Goldman (MS, NCC, LPC), will teach us simple practices to help us put down or turn away from habits of body and mind (cravings, criticism, self-defeating thoughts) that are not serving us. 

3/24 - Letting Go to Listen to Call. Why would you leave business ownership to go back to school and then take a job working nights & weekends reading a centuries-old book and wearing weird clothes? Find out from Colin Brown, our seminarian, as he reflects on what he had to put down in order to pick up a new vocation.  

3/31 - Letting Go of Relationship: Divorce. Divorce is an excellent instructor when it comes to letting go of people, plans, even identity. You don't have to get divorced to learn from it. I got you covered. with Rev'd Caroline Magee 

4/7 -  Letting Go of Youth & the Illusion of Immortality. Discussion of  On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old, by Parker J. Palmer facilitated by Rev'd Lynnsay Buehler. You don't have to read the book but you might want to. If you're getting older (you literally are right this minute) you have all the qualifications you need for this conversation.