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Sunday, April 21 - EASTER!! - No Sunday School, Church at 10:45 and No Youth Group - Please join us while we celebrate Easter in all of its glory.  Youth group members are asked to stay and hang out for about 15-20 minutes after the service to help with the Easter Egg hunt for the little ones.  

Sunday, April 28 - HUNGER WALK - Sunday School 9:45-10:30, Church 10:45.  We will meet, attend Sunday School, attend church and then depart at 11:30 for the Walk.  Please bring $ for lunch at the food trucks and $25 (minimum) for the walk.  You are welcome and encouraged to ask parishioners, family, and friends to raise the money for the walk.  We will return to the church by 4:30 at the latest.   Please, please, please RSVP to me by April 14th and let me know if you will be participating so that we have enough drivers/adults.  

Sunday, May 5 - Sunday School 9:45-10:30, Church 10:45-11:45, YG 12-2 - What will we be doing?  Come and see:)  Lunch will be served.  

Sunday, May 12 - Sunday School beginning at 9:30 - Please take note!!  We will be rehearsing for the Children and Youth Sunday and we have limited time so PLEASE be prompt.  Church will be at 10:45.  There will be no Youth group so that you can go home and love on your mamas.  

Sunday, May 19 - No Sunday School for R-13ers and YACers. Pilgrims WILL be meeting at 9:30 for pilgrimage prep.  ALL PILGRIMS MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE.  We are down to the wire and we need to be in community to finalize plans.  Church at 10:45, Youth Group - 12-2  it's the final one for the school year, so ya know you gotta be there!! Lunch will be served.