The Very Rev'd S. Chadwick Vaughn
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Dear Members and Friends of St. Bede's,
I write to you today to inform you that we as a body, WILL NOT BE GATHERING for worship, formation, or fellowship during the current public health crisis. 
To restate that as clearly as possible - all worship, meetings, and activities that are normally held in the building where St. Bede's Episcopal Church meets are cancelled for the duration of the current public health crisis.
This is a very difficult decision filled with much love and anguish.  I have composed a NEW follow-up letter to the communication from yesterday.  It is attached below. Please read it and let us live into this new temporary way of being Church together slowly in the coming days.
Please keep all of your St. Bede's family in your prayers in the days ahead and stay in contact with one another to share love, kindness, and peace in these very unusual times.


You all remain in my heart and prayers,