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On Tuesday and Thursday nights up to 20 hungry children enjoy our nursery and childcare while their parents learn English in our ESL program. Many of these family members come straight from work and do not have dinner until class is over. Consequently the children often arrive at church hungry.
We are looking for volunteers to have 12-15 sandwiches made and ready for these children when they arrive at church at 7pm There are sandwich fixings at church (peanut butter and jelly) if you want to make them there, or feel free to bring your own sandwiches in and leave them in the fridge in the church kitchen.
The dates for the rest of this year are:
Tuesday, Nov 6    Tuesday, Nov 13    Tuesday, Nov 27    Tuesday,  Dec 4
Thursday, Nov 8   Tuesday, Nov 20    Thursday, Nov 29   Thursday, Dec 6
If you would be interested in helping on one or more of these dates Please contact Elaine McClean at  elainemcclean@comcast.net or 678-478-8396.