The Very Rev'd S. Chadwick Vaughn
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On Sunday, November 7, we kicked off our 2022 Annual Pledge Campaign. Cheryl and Fred Murphy are chairing this year’s campaign and Cheryl preached a wonderful call-and-response sermon celebrating so many ways in which God’s love overflows from St. Bede’s. You can watch that sermon here.
This week your pledge packets were mailed to you. Your packet may have already arrived or it may be in your mailbox in the next few days (there was a postal holiday last Thursday). When you receive your pledge card, please prayerfully consider your response and then prayerfully fill out your pledge card and return it to St. Bede’s. You can return your paper pledge card to the offering basin on Sundays, or you can mail your pledge card in the included return-reply envelope, or you can pledge online through Realm by clicking on the link below:


We ask that you return your pledge by the 2nd Sunday of Advent – December 5 – when we will give thanks at the Altar for the abundance of generosity that overflows in support of the ministry and mission of St. Bede’s.
Thank You!