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Material Spirituality: Conversations with Folks – convened by The Rev’d. Claiborne Jones
9:15 am - 10:30am

For three Sundays in October and November, we’ll talk with various parishioners about their connection with God through matter.  

Sunday, October 28th - we’ll be in conversation with artists of St. Bede’s – folks who make things we can observe, touch and use.  Think fabric artists, woodworkers, painters, potters and the like.  

Sunday, November 11th - we’ll be guided to explore gifts of the natural world, and in particular plants, flower, trees, rocks, etc.  Think Flower Guild members, gardeners, masons.  We’ll be creatively engaged in our own offerings.  

Sunday, November 18th -  we’ll be guided by those who use flesh and air to connect with God. Think singers and meditators and the like.  We will be moving air and our bodies as well.