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Logo Concept Development
John Whitt, Designer

The imagery and typography should reflect a church with an eye toward the future, but also maintain a historical connection with the Venerable Bede, the church’s name saint.  When St. Bede’s constructed its new nave during the 1990s, the focal point above the altar is a modern interpretation of the cross.  The sculpture is inscribed the words known as Bede's Prayer.

Christ is the morning star
who when the night of this world is past
brings to his saints the promise of the light of life
and opens everlasting day

It seemed appropriate to base the new logo on this cross.  At the suggestion of Father Vaughn, each segment uses a different color which expresses in an abstract way the various aspects of nature present in the church’s landscape:

  • the ability to see the sky from dawn to sunset through the clerestory windows in the nave, represented by two different shades of blue at the top of the circle
  • a deep reddish brown depicting the color of earth
  • green representing the grass and trees throughout the landscape
  • two areas of light blue denoting the flowing water created by the creek running through the property, and
  • a single spot of red in the center of the design. Red is a common liturgical color in worship: it is the principal color for the feast of Pentecost, for celebrations of Saints’ days, and is the color of the blood of Christ, shed upon the cross for our redemption.

Different versions of the logo were created for use in a variety of ways.