The Very Rev'd S. Chadwick Vaughn
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The St. Bede's Gathering Going Forward Group 
is the group commissioned by the Vestry 
to consider all of the ways we are remaining connected 
during these pandemic days 
and to begin making the necessary plans 
for when we will eventually begin to gather again in-person.
Please complete this survey by Tuesday, October 13 at Noon.
Thank you in advance for participating in the survey.
Your Gathering Going Forward Team:
Jeff Swoope (Co-Chair), Muriel Diguette (Co-Chair),
Victor Cáceres, John Entrekin, Orisha Parsons,
Judah Sali, & Dixie Snider
Along with ex-officio members:
Anita Montelione (Senior Warden)
Molly Graves (Junior Warden)
Will Mizell (Treasurer)
George Shingler (Chancellor)