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The Rev’d Raymond Walker, III

to continue at St. Bede’s

as Priest Associate


It is with great joy that I can announce that the Rev’d Raymond Walker, III will be continuing at St. Bede’s as Priest Associate after he is ordained to the priesthood on June 24. Raymond will continue his full-time work in hospital ministry at Emory while adding a very part-time (averaging 5 hours per week) pastoral and liturgical presence at St. Bede’s. Raymond’s pastoral heart and bilingual ability will allow him to be supportive of the full breadth of the parish. 


In addition to presiding at worship and occasionally preaching and teaching, Raymond will take on the ministry portfolio of “pastoral coordination” that has been shepherded by the Rev’d Lynnsay Buehler for the past several years (Lynnsay will continue as Priest Associate and Director of the Julian of Norwich Center). This means that Raymond will help coordinate our pastoral care efforts by working with members of the Pastoral Care Team, Eucharistic Visitors, and the other clergy to make sure that pastoral needs are attended to. 


Raymond’s appointment to this work has been met by a one-year commitment from the Vestry to fund this position by special gifts outside of the parish budget. This could be extended by mutual discernment at the end of that period. Please join me in rejoicing that Raymond’s ministry will continue with us for an extended season.