The Very Rev'd S. Chadwick Vaughn
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Dear St. Bede’s,

We'll be gathering virtually twice this Sunday - The Sunday of the Passion: Palm (or Branches) Sunday.

Please bring in some green or flowering branches from your yard

for the opening of our worship time together.

Directions have changed yet again as we have made tweaks in our process.

Sunday Morning Offering – 10 am – Morning Prayer on Facebook Live & on Zoom

Chad will again lead the office of Morning Prayer at 10 am.

This week, we will gather virtually on Zoom and our Zoom gathering will be streamed live on Facebook as well.  So you can either join us interactively on the Zoom platform or just watch us live on Facebook. The live stream will be recorded and posted on Facebook so that you can also watch and pray later at your own convenience as well.

Information about how to join the Zoom gathering will be emailed out on Saturday afternoon - to the email address where you receive the Friday E-News.

If you are already on Facebook and want to join us there, just go to the St. Bede’s Facebook page and the liturgy should go live around 10 am.

If you are not “on Facebook” you can still join us at: You may encounter a pop-up window encouraging you to create a Facebook account. If this window appears, you should notice a very small link at the bottom that says “Not Now” – click there and you should be able to continue-on to view our page content.

The order for The Liturgy of Palms (Branches) and Morning Prayer can be found here (linked below).


Sunday Evening Offering – 8 pm – Compline on Zoom

Colin will lead Compline on Zoom at 8 pm.

To connect with this offering, please follow the links that will be provided below. Following the link on your computer or tablet should walk you through the process to easily connect to the meeting. If you want to use a smartphone or tablet to connect with Compline, it would probably be wise to go ahead and download the Zoom app from your App Store.

If you would like to join in compline, but do not have access or do not feel comfortable connecting through a computer or tablet, you may also use the instructions below to call-in from a landline or mobile phone – just dial one of the numbers below and then enter the meeting number when prompted.

The order for Compline can be found here (linked below) and will be displayed on the screen during the gathering.

Colin will be leading Compline from his home in Smyrna. All participants who enable their cameras should be able to see each other and Colin should be able to see you. Participants will be able to share in prayers and responses verbally together and there will be an informal time following Compline to check-in with one another.

To connect with Compline visit:

To call-in to Compline from a telephone, dial either: 470.381.2552 or 470.250.9358 and enter Meeting ID: 752 596 637

If these local numbers do not work, here are a series of other numbers you may use to connect (tolls may apply with these numbers if you do not have unlimited long-distance):

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US
+1 301 715 8592 US
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Please don’t be discouraged if it does not work right the first time – we are prepared to fail forward. If you try to connect with either offering and cannot, please let us know afterwards and we will work to make it better for the next time. The nature of offering worship in both of these ways does not permit us to interrupt prayers to offer technical support, so please be kind and gentle if you need to join us late.

God is always with us, beloved – whether we are together or dispersed. We hope that for the time being, our technology may serve to re-connect us in new ways to make an offering of worship that is pleasing to God.