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"All Saints" is based on the true story of a dwindling Episcopal church in Tennessee that receives as vicar a fairly recently ordained priest, a former salesman, sent by the bishop of the diocese to manage the closing of the parish and the sale of the property.  While out in the community in which the church is located, handing out flyers inviting people to attend the church, the priest crosses paths with a man who is a refugee from Southeast Asia, a member of the Karen people.  Much to the priest's surprise and delight, the man attends the church the next Sunday, bringing a few people with him.  This man and the priest form a relationship that benefits everyone in the parish and the Karen refugee community.  Rated PG-13, an hour and 45 minutes, stars John Corbett ("My Big, Fat Greek Wedding") as the priest, 2017 release.  This is a story of transformation and open-heartedness. You can watch the trailer here.