Our Beliefs

Some of the things that define our beliefs and actions in the Episcopal Church are:

  • Inclusive - we welcome everyone to hear and take action on God's message
  • Social Justice - helping get rid of the barriers of social inequality so everyone may participate fully
  • Community - living, sharing and helping together
  • Scripture, Tradition and Reason - we believe we should make our decisions about our spiritual life based on reconciling what the Bible says, what the Church has said over the years, and what our reason says today. Taking all of these into account we often agree to disagree and still concur and continue to seek God's message. It's not always the easiest path, but we think it's one of the positive ways to express our love and share Jesus' teachings.

Anglicans (including the Episcopalians in America) are united by a shared form of worship, based on the Book of Common Prayer.  Each of our worship services at St. Bede's, whether formal and traditional or contemporary and child-centered, is based on formats outlined and or suggested by the Book of Common Prayer.

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