Being an acolyte is a wonderful way for young people to serve and lead in the church.  St. Bede's youth typically serve as acolytes beginning in 6th grade and continue until high school graduation.  Younger acolytes serve as torch bearers (carrying the candles) and some of the older acolytes serve as crucifers (carrying the cross).  Acolytes are typically scheduled to serve at the Sunday service approximately once every 6-9 weeks throughout the year.  Acolytes also serve at special services such as Christmas Eve and during Holy Week. 

Acolyte Committee members are adults who assist the youth acolytes by preparing a quarterly schedule, providing weekly reminders to assigned acolytes, gathering acolytes on Sunday mornings, and providing training. 

In addition to youth acolytes, we also have adult acolytes who serve at funerals and other special services that may take place during the school day when youth are not available to serve.

We are always interested in adding to our acolyte team.  If you are interested in serving as an acolyte or on the Acolyte Committee, please contact the church office or Julie Mizell.