Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers

St. Bede’s Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers strive to serve God and enhance the liturgical experience for the congregation by consulting with the clergy and providing support for the liturgy. 

Our Lectors come to the Ambo to read the Lessons and the Prayers of the People during the Sunday Services.  At times, they are asked to read at funerals and other services.  If you feel your gift is communication and you would like to share that gift with the congregation, please consider joining our group. You will be trained before you are asked to read.

The Ministry of Eucharistic Minister is that of administering the chalice and helping the clergy during Communion.  EM’s usually wear an alb, process in with the clergy at the beginning of the service and sit in the front pew.  Generally, you would first be trained as a Lector and then if you desire to serve as an EM, you will be trained and put into the rotation as an EM.

At the present time, about a half-dozen people rotate at the 8:15 am service.  At the 10:45 am service, the members are divided into teams of four or five, and they serve on the same Sunday with the same team each month.  All are welcome and we can use new people all the time!! 

For more information, or if you would like join the Lectors or Eucharistic Ministers ...

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